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by Michael Adamse Ph. D. (Author)

God’s Shrink

10 Sessions and Life’s Greatest Lessons from an Unexpected Patient

Like most seasoned psychiatrists, Dr. Richard Johnson thought he’d heard it all. His assuredness falters when a first-time client arrives at his office and announces that he is God. Listening intently to the man, who is obviously suffering from severe psychosis, he agrees to take the case.

What transpires over the course of the next nine sessions will test everything in the doctor’s bag of tricks. As he struggles to unravel the client’s illness before he becomes a danger to himself, a chilling series of coincidences and events cause him to question everything he thought he knew about himself, his place in the world, and life after death.

by Michael Adamse Ph. D. (Author)

Anniversary, A Love Story

Reveal the secrets to a lifelong marriage of passion and excitement.

Richard’s marriage is collapsing. As he boards a plane back to Miami after his mother’s funeral, his father hands him an envelope of letters written by his parents to one another on their anniversaries during forty-nine years of marriage.

As Richard explores his parents’ life together, he is comforted and surprised, for he learns their marriage was much different than he perceived. As you read the letters along with Richard, you will discover their powerful effect and invaluable message: they reveal the secrets to a lifelong marriage of passion.

by Michael Adamse Ph. D. (Author)

Affairs of the Net

The Cybershrinks’ Guide to Online Relationships

Every day the media bombards us with stories about people connecting through the Internet. In all this hype, there remains so much confusion and misconceptions as to what is really happening and why people feel the need to connect with others online. The truth is that in a world of stalkings, STDs, and increasing violence, people are searching for intimacy — possibly more than ever before.

Michael Adamse and Sheree Motta use their expertise as relationship counselors to examine friendships, romances, and affairs in cyberspace; what cybersex really involves and warning signs to help identify when normal computer use has become an addiction.

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